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mold testing NYCOur NYC mold testing experts have visited thousands of apartments, homes, and buildings that seem to look fine on the surface, but little do the customers know that they have a lurking infestation- mold. That being said, One in every 4 homes in United States has a mold problem.That’s a lot of homes.Unfortunately, few of these homes get tested for mold.



People who are frequently exposed to mold suffer from a wide range of symptoms. Some suffer from chronic migraines. Others suffer from dizziness. Others suffer from dermatitis and allergies. They may not know the exact culprit until mold testing is done. Most of our customers only come to us when they start feeling sick. Very few people seem to realize the need for mold inspection even after their properties have been affected by water leaks or flood. They wait for the obvious signs of mold until they take action, and when they do, the problem is already so serious that they have to spend a lot on inspection and remediation.
Mold inspection and mold testing NYC are two different things that are often confused. Inspection is more like ocular assessment of an indoor space. An inspector looks for signs of mold, such as white or green or gray patches on the wall or ceiling, dampness, and moldy smell. It is easy to determine the presence of mold if it’s obviously growing on surfaces.
Mold testing, on the other hand, involves a more thorough investigation. Samples of indoor air will be tested for presence of significant amounts of mold spores. Surfaces are swabbed and samples are examined under a microscope to see if there are mold spores. If mold inspection fails to determine the presence of the hideous fungi, the test will provide the final verdict.
Such tests are important as part of indoor air assessment and are ordered in cases when occupants suffer from chronic diseases without obvious cause.

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On the other hand, many homeowners and renters don’t usually worry about the presence of mold. Only a few people care to inspect mold-prone areas of the house, and even if they do, they still don’t know what they are looking at. Mold is sometimes mistaken for dirt or algae. Other people discover mold and do nothing about it until their rooms start smelling stale. A lot of people who come to us have only done so after months of suffering chronic allergy.
Mold inspection and mold testing should be done routinely as a preventive and diagnostic measure.

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