Mold Inspection in NYC

Mold Inspections in New York City

NYC mold removal companiesThere is one thing that a lot of people fail to see when it comes to the hidden dangers of mold and the potent toxins they emit. Mold can be extremely bad for your health and it can cause a wide range of health complications. A large number of homes across the nation are suffering from a huge issue with mold and most homeowners do not even know it. What most people do not understand is that mold can become a dangerous situation in no time at all.  Mold can flourish in as little as 24 hours and it can lead to serious health problems for just about everyone. Small children, those with poor health or pre existing conditions, highly allergic, and/or elderly people being the most susceptible. Anyone who is exposed to a large number of mold spores is at risk. the problem is mold spores are in the air, of which, are unfortunately invisible to the naked eye.
Remember that mold can be very bad for your heath and children are also greatly affected by this invisible menace. The longer you spend in an environment with mold, the more likely it is that you will be developing some kind of respiratory problem.
Five Boro Mold Specialist is a 25 year veteran within the NYC mold inspection and mold removal business and they are entirely dedicated to the sole purpose of providing professional mold inspection services in New York City. That being said, it is very important for you to keep your home in the best possible shape. Much to your chagrin, mold may very well be growing out of sight and could already be affecting your general heath much more than you think. If you feel like you are constantly having problems with allergies, you have a constant stuffy or runny nose for no reason at all, breaking out in rashes, feeling unusually tired all of the time, have frequent respiratory episodes; this could be a sign that you have mold growing in your home, and without a proper inspection, you might not be able to catch this problem until the mold is actually visible and over running your home or building.

NYC mold inspection contractorsNYC Mold Inspection and Mold Removal Services

Mold inspection and mold removal in New York City has been on very high demand due to the extreme weather systems we have endured over the past 5 years. Many do not understand how easily mold has had it in terms of perfect growth conditions in many areas throughout the City. This is the reason why a proper NYC mold inspection of your home is always going to be a great idea in terms of prevention and safety. Mold removal Brooklyn is also very common because this is an area of the city that has a large number of homes affected with this problem and houses are located in close proximity to each other.
The good news is that mold inspection and testing can be done quite fast and it can make things very easy for you. A Brooklyn mold inspection in NYC can last a few hours depending on the size of the house or office that needs to be examined. The samples will be collected and submitted to a third party NYC mold testing laboratory for further processing and analyzation. By using a third party mold testing company you will always receive a report on the types of mold present allowing the NYC mold removal company to take the proper actions to get rid of the mold problem.
A mold inspection should be done at least once every 6 months to a year if you want to get the best possible indoor air quality results. You need to remember that mold can grow very fast and the problem can start to manifest within just a couple of days depending on the conditions. Even if your home is mold free, which is not the case in most situations, you will have peace of mind knowing that your family is safe and that you are not going to have to deal with any mold related illness.

Brooklyn Mold Inspection and Brooklyn Mold Removal NYC

NYC mold inspection reportIf you need a mold inspection in Brooklyn, you will find that Five Boro Mold Specialist is extremely reputable, credentialed, responsible and they have a team of skilled and trained NYC mold experts that are going to make sure that your home is entirely mold free. In the case mold is found, their New York City mold remediation services are provided in order to ensure that things will go smoothly throughout the entire NYC mold inspection, mold testing, and mold removal process.

Five Boro Mold Specialist is one of the best choices you can find for a service provider of mold inspection and mold removal in NYC. Five Boro Mold Specialist has been serving the NYC metro area for 25 years, received numerous awards ,and has also recently won an award from Pulse of the City for Excellence in Customer Service:

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Brooklyn mold inspection NYC

Types of Mold

Different Types of Mold

types of moldWhat is Mold- Mold is a type of organism that thrives in dark and damp areas, typically reproducing by releasing mold spores into the air. All that is needed for mold to develop is moisture, humidity, and organic matter. There are literally thousands of types and variations of mold, some toxic and some non toxic.

The 3 Main Types of Mold: Allergenic, Pathogenic, Toxic

Common Molds

Listed below are just some of the more common types of mold you will find in and around your home:

Aspergillus and Penicillium
Black Mold (Stachybotrys A)
Smuts and Myxomycetes

Obvious Reasons to Schedule a Mold Inspection if You Live in New York City

New York City and the surrounding areas are unfortunately a hotbox for air pollutants such as many types of mold. Extreme weather patterns and systems that have blown through the NYC area over the past 5 or so years is one of the main contributing factors for such a consistently high mold problem throughout the city.  Flooding, abandoned building left to rot, poorly maintained apartment buildings and housing units, weather, wind, and the simple fact that buildings are so close in proximity to each other are all other reasons why there has been and will be a recurring mold problem for years to come.


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New York City mold removal company specializing in high tech mold inspection, mold testing, and mold removal services.

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Common Places Mold Grows

The most common places where mold grows in a home

What is Mold-


Mold is a type of organism that thrives in dark and damp areas, reproducing by releasing mold spores into the air. All that is needed for mold to develop is moisture, humidity, and organic matter. There are literally thousands of types and variations of mold, some toxic and some non toxic.

Do you know which types of mold are lurking about in your home?

The 3 Main Types of Mold
Allergenic, Pathogenic, Toxic

Types of Mold – Aspergillus and Penicillium, Amerospores, Alternaria, Ascospores, Aurobasidium
Basidiospores,Black Mold (Stachybotrys A), Chaetomium, Cladosporium, Curvularia, Fusarium, Memnoniella, Pithomyces/Ulocladium, Stachybotrys, Nigrospora, Myxomycetes,…

So, Where Does Mold Grow?

There are a large number of places where mold can grow and thrive in your home or building. Mold in any home or structure can prove to be
extremely hazardous to you and your loved ones health, as well as damaging on your wallet if not dealt with in a  timely manner. Mold is very dangerous as it typically makes people develop a wide range of health illnesses. Some of these illnesses include: respiratory infections, rashes and skin irritations, severe allergies, eye problems, severe illness, and even contributing indirectly as well as directly to death.

Recent news stories about mold related deaths

Therefore, preventing mold growth is very crucial. However, for you to prevent mold from growing, you must know the most common places
where mold may be found.

Some of the more common places mold is found in your home include the following:

Common places mold growsin a home
Common places mold grows in your home

Mold growing in the bathroom- Mold thrives in high humidity, dark environments which are constantly exposed to moisture. The bathroom is a perfect place where mold can grow since it is where you brush your teeth, take showers and baths, wash your hands, along with many other actions that require water or that create humidity. You should routinely check the edges of shower curtains, the corner of the bathtubs,  the sides of the faucets, underneath cabinets You should also check at your bathroom rugs are routinely cleaned if you have them. Poor ventilation in bathrooms is another major factor that inhibits a prime breeding ground for mold growth.

Mold In Kitchens- Mold Around The Sink, Refrigerator, Deep freezer, and Dishwasher
Inside, underneath, and behind kitchen appliances and cabinets are another prime breeding ground for mold to grow as most of these places are dark and moist. You can prevent mold from growing in these places by ensuring that there is no standing water in the pan of the refrigerator, making sure that your water lines and drainage lines are not leaking, routinely cleaning underneath and behind kitchen appliances, and keeping your refrigerator clean and  maintained.

Mold in basements, cellars, and Crawlspaces-This place is very good in breeding the house mold. This is because there is only a little or no sunlight at all. The place is also not ventilated well and there is high humidity. You can prevent mold from growing here by repairing all the leaking pipes and make the basement floors and walls waterproof.

Mold in Attics- Attics with poor ventilation are often one common place you will find mold. Lack of attic vents, roof vents, and/or attic ventilation fans are prime places for mold to flourish. If you have had a leaky roof or extremely wet weather for a long period of time, obviously the moisture will contribute to starting a mold infestation.

Mold in HVAC systems, Air conditioning units, and furnaces- The heat from machines or furnaces of the HVAC units may lead to growth of house mold. This is especially true if there is water near your HVAC system, furnaces, oil tanks,etc Condensation occurs in areas with high cold or heat and it typically leads to mold growth. To prevent this, always clean and maintain your HVAC units, duct work, and other heating and cooling components frequently.

Other places where mold can grow include:

Crawlspaces, underneath the floorboards, under carpet and carpet padding, in closets, inside of walls, in drywall, etc. Mold can even be found growing in your car and the ventilation systems, scary! In conclusion, if you are worried about the air quality in and around your home, and/or have experienced one of the many causes that could lead to mold growing within your home or building, it would be a good idea to conduct a thorough mold inspection of these areas.

Just  think about it, mold spores mixing with dust and other air pollutants swirling about in your home for you and your loved one’s to breath…very disturbing to say the least.

Obviously, education and taking preventative measures are the best routes to explore when it comes to preventing a potentially hazardous mold infestation. If you suspect that you have mold lurking in and around your home, please give Five Boro Mold Specialist a call to schedule a professional mold inspection service.

About Five Boro Mold Specialist-

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Five Boro Mold Specialist has 25 years of experience  within the NYC environmental industries. We specialize in mold remediation and water damage prevention for the entire NYC metro area. Our NYC mold removal company has been servicing homeowners, landlords, property management companies, renters and tenants, businesses, education facilities, municipal buildings, government facilities, and other institutional structures with complete mold eradication services.We use state of the art mold remediation equipment, specialized toxic personal protection gear, and EPA-registered mold removal and
prevention chemicals to rid your property of health-threatening toxic Mold. Our highly experienced staff are certified, professionally trained, and have been committed to providing all of our clients with impeccable and stress free mold removal services.
We also offer a signature 3 year satisfaction guarantee on all work performed by our NYC mold experts.

You can schedule a NYC mold inspection service with one of our mold removal experts to receive an in depth estimate and to learn more about mold inspection and mold removal process.

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