How to Test for Black Mold in the House?

How to Test for Black Mold in the House

How to Test for Black Mold in the House? Your home is prone to various insects, fungus, and impurities. But if they all combine, it can be a headache for you. Many can claim that you cannot experience all of these three at once. However, experiencing them together is possible. Black mold is a special case of fungus near you. People call it Stachybotrys which is a rare mold greenish-black in color.

Finding and locating molds is simple if your place has the majority of white color. The change in color concentration can attract your attention. But with black molds, you just need a glance at it. Black mold is a special case of fungus that attacks the damp areas of your house. For this, people can both judge it easily and effectively. Likewise, testing for this black mold type is also in the demand these days.

Black Mold

With everything we will mention, black mold will expand in your mind. We know that it is a special mold fungus and is greenish-black in the color. But do not always look for the color combination. You can observe them in a dark shade on your walls often. Their concentration is cellulose-rich but blue and grey colors can also exist.

Their development areas include:

  • Wood
  • Fiber
  • Gypsum board
  • Fabric
  • Plastic
  • Green insulation

Mold Testing

When you hire a mold testing service provider, they will collect samples from three key places. These include air, surface, and dust that is arriving from the surrounding. These places carry the highest percentage of mold concentration. And their testing can easily predict your mold accommodation. Mold testers send these samples to a laboratory for checking mold concentrations.

Testing for molds quickly is a sign of great relief and action. This is since mold presence is the primary reason for people finding deficiency in breathing. And more exposure also leads to asthma-relating problems.

Some common places to check for mold growth include:

  • Plumbing lines and surrounding areas
  • Underneath your sinks
  • Inside your closets especially the places where you keep leather items
  • Within the walls around the windows
  • Under the carpets that you have placed over the damp areas
  • In-between your furniture and exterior walls

Test Kits for Black Mold

Testing for black molds is not simple but requires a good kit to ease the process. You can look for these kits from hardware shops but check the label before buying.

The differentiation occurs as:

  • Kits that instantly detect mold presence on a surface and also identify the type
  • Some kits detect mold presence in the air but cannot identify their type
  • Kits that can include lab fees within the price of purchasing

How to Test for Black Mold in House: The Simplest Test

Healthful Home 5-Minute Mold Test

This is a quick and easy detection test kit. You get a test swab, solution, test strip, three extra swabs, a lab request card, and pre-paid mailers. You simply need to place the test swab over a surface and wet it using the solution. Place over the test strip and check for lines.

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