How much does Mold Devalue a Home?


Mold is a category of bacteria. They spread in the air. Whenever they drop to a surface, they start growing and reproducing. They are not visible through the eyes. They are only visible under microscopes. They look like tiny clusters. But molds play a pivotal role in devaluing a home. The wet, humid regions are where these fungi grow and live. Water seepage is the major cause of mold. We will today discuss briefly that how much does mold devalue a home and how we can prevent that from ever happening.

A home is a place where living species feel safe, sound, and secure. It is made with love, care, sacrifice, and sharing. It is never easy to leave your home permanently for any reason.

Some places where molds are commonly found;

  • Sink
  • Bathtubs
  • Walls
  • Floor
  • Carpets
  • Refrigerators
  • Microwave ovens
  • Windows
  • Indoor plants
  • Basement in the house
  • Ceiling
  • Fabric
  • Plumbing pipes
  • Tiles

How much does a mold devalue a home?

Building a house requires a lot of budget and finances. Sometimes a house is made with all the savings a person earns in his lifetime. Likewise, the majority of people make one house in their whole life. Some people may be able to make two or more houses. Whenever people buy a new or used property always do a thorough inspection. The inspection must be certified by a professional and well-reputed company.

These small fungi not only damage the structure. But also the furnished surfaces in the homes. For example sofas, beds, couches, tables, chairs, food in the refrigerators, etc. this damage caused by molds devastates the homes. Similarly, if a person invests a million dollars in the building and furnishing of their homes. The molds cause their value to drop to half a million dollars. Moreover, this creature is not so easily visible. An ordinary person cannot identify real existence.

The cost of repairing is not less than constructing a new house. It again takes a huge investment to repair and fix the problems. People sometimes can’t afford to remake it. Moreover, the resale of these kinds of houses is very difficult. Once a stamp of flaws is printed on a house, it can never be washed. People will always think and assume the house might again catch these flaws. Even though they repair them but still the mark remains constant. Hence the molds devalue a home. The time, money, hard work, decoration, and designing, are all waste to zero after the mold effect. Molds decay the outlook of your homes. The decay is a permanent one. This is how much Mold does devalue a home. When constructing a house or buying a sale house.

The aspects that need to be checked thoroughly are the followings:

  1. Molds
  2. Seepage
  3. Drainage faults
  4. Cracks in the walls
  5. Ventilation
  6. Air conditioning
  7. Geysers
  8. Water supply
  9. Electricity and water meter calibration
  10. Termites and pests
  11. Fire exit

Better to hire professionals than to devalue your homes

Whenever a person experiences any molds or things like that. They must immediately take an action. Because delaying it or taking a prolonged decision might affect your property badly. These molds might devalue your house till then. You can also buy mold killers or sprays that finish the molds. But doing this task is very time taking and complicated. You can never identify the root cause properly until you are an expert. Therefore, the best option is to hire someone. The one who is certified and is an experienced, person.

In the market, people may find many options like different companies offering their services for this purpose. But beware of indulging in any frauds. The companies even use fake products and chemicals products. The use of these chemicals is hazardous to health. For the sake of homes, people must rely on reliable sources. Any ignorance in this action of removing molds will cause a lifetime of damage to your property. The best services are offered by the five bro mold specialist company. They are the most reliable people who do this job. With the experience of many years and their expertise in this field. It allows them to do the job efficiently.

The five bro mold inspection company

This company is based in New York was founded by Marty Katz in 1989. The owner invested a lot of time in the investigation of molds, their appearance, their causes, etc. he found multiple ways to remove them permanently. Later on, he discovered various techniques, and methods to remove them. He prepared the chemicals and equipment. Moreover, Marty used infrared thermography to visualize the fungi. With his experience, he became an expert. He built this team and their company succeeded in expertise. Till now, his company has thousands of clients in different cities. They provide the best services for the removal of molds. Their experience and thorough inspection boost their success.

Their company has highly trained staff who are certified. They hire engineers who have great structural knowledge regarding builds and structure. Their team uses advanced methods and techniques. They did many projects for buildings like offices, schools, houses, shops, etc. The company provides no mold guarantee of two years. They also provide property damage claims to the clients.

How they do their jobs

Once you book an appointment with their company. They send their teams to clients’ homes. Then the teams determine and investigate the possible areas of defects. Next, they take swab tests and air tests. These results are then tested and evaluated in their laboratories. The reports also contain the digital images and infrared images of the microscopic results. In a few days, they sent the report to the client. Afterward, an officer and technician are sent to the client’s place. They then explain the root cause of molds and the areas where it is present. Some remedial is also shared with the client. The team then does the necessary treatment for the removal of molds from the house.

When to Walk Away from a House with Mold?

Introduction When to Walk Away from a House with Mold?

When to Walk Away from a House with Mold? This is the question that is raised by many people in recent years but was answered by very few. Today we will briefly talk about it.

Every creation from ancient times feels protected in its residence, home or hideout. Animal shelters in their caves, while birds hide in their nests to secure them. We humans started the concept of sweet home from the wood straw hut. Which further evolved into the mud, stone structure. These have now developed into architectural houses.

A family feels satisfied by owning and decorating their homes. Home is a structure with supports and is arranged in portions. But sometimes it takes years of struggle to build or own this piece of shadows. This is decorated, painted, and furnished to adhere to the comfort and satisfaction of own home.

The procurement of house

When people procure their own home, they have to keep in mind all ifs and buts. Such a type of procurement may not be repeated in the life of an average human. People keep in mind the heavy financial burden. All the aspects of construction like strength ventilation, lighting, and flooring, are to be thoroughly inspected.  A little flaw could cause a huge loss of a substantial amount. And sometimes focus people to sale the house at loss. Some flaws are neither replaceable nor could be replaced. It’s never a step to walk away from a house with molds. These not only cause losses but also frustrate people with various psychological problems.

Methods to inspect houses

People should take all necessary and important measures to avoid such problems they face after procurement of house. There are certain tools and procedures. Adopting they will lead to a thorough inspection. These flaws couldn’t be detected by an ordinary person. And need specialized services to analyze. The use of only tools to measure different defects would not help. Unless people will require an experienced person who has exposure in this field will be required. He will be able to examine various flaws, especially molds formation.

When people are going to procure a new house they should check the inspection report issued by a certified inspector. A person must be aware of the inspection checklist. He has to find a certified and experienced inspector. The person should have the know-how to understand the method and technique applied by the inspector. They should also discuss the insurance policy with the inspector. So that all the hazards during the process of inspection are covered. Make sure the inspection teams are aware of problems like soil and pest in the area of construction. The inspector should follow the standardized home inspection checklist strictly.

How inspection teams work

The inspection report normally comprises the following

  1. The defects have potential on the financial value of the property. Their impact due to the material used for the construction.
  2. The part of systems that are not functional is due to technical reasons.
  3. Negligible facts that could be repaired with a little cost.

Other types of inspections include pests, termites, drainage, chimney, etc. After the detailed inspection, now people have to decide on procurement. Always check that all repairs and flaws are fix. Make sure to verify that all issues pointed out are resolved.

Reasons why people should walk away from a house with molds

The biggest problem in houses nowadays is the production and presence of molds. First people have to understand the mold. This is a normal fungus. It is beneficial for one environment where it is outdoor. All the organisms on one planet die after completing the life cycle. With their dead bodies if not decomposed the earth’s planet would have no space left for living ones. The toxic purpose of this fungi mold is also it makes delicious food like cheese. And research is still going on olds as fuel.

But when there is the growth of mold indoors that is inside the house. Then it is hazardous. Molds reproduce by spores that could not be visible to the naked eye. Water or humid surfaces are a lifeline for the growth of molds. Any type of mold could not reproduce on any dry surface. The presence of mold indoors is a problem. This is When to Walk Away from a House with Mold thought comes to people’s mind. As it is hazardous when it reproduces on humid surfaces. These molds appear in various colors.

Factors behind when to walk away from house with molds

The growth of the molds can initiate different types of diseases in humans. Allergies are the most common reaction to molds. These could be critical and could be toxic due to mycotoxin. Molds are the main cause of asthma and respiratory system disease. This mold can become a great threat for the lives of these patients if not cleared in time. The redness of the eyes, itchy nose and minor continuous cough are due to molds reportedly. Sensitive people also experience fever. When people experience such kinds of allergies, they should immediately walk away from a house with molds. Molds normally destroy the objects in which they grow.

Molds removal and cleaning is a process that can be executed by ordinary people. But it is better to hire a specialist company like five bro mold specialists.  First, they identify the type of molds. Then they should know its nature and life pattern. Then people should investigate its presence areas. Similarly, they open up the walls or any invisible areas where they must be growing. They should dry the humid and wet areas. People should clean the air conditioning ducts. Then these specialists choose the appropriate removal or cleaner products for cleaning. They should wear a proper cleaning dress to apply the cleaning procedure.

Mold growth is an abnormal phenomenon. This is very hard to deal with and thus, it lead’s you to the point where the only option remains is When to Walk Away from a House with Mold. Therefore, you need specialists, experienced, qualified, and certified people to get rid of the devastating fungus. The five bro mold specialist company is the best in their field. It is very economical as compared to the damages to people’s houses caused by the reproduction of the molds.

People sometimes, misjudge the danger of the molds and try nonprofessional methods to clean up the molds. But unfortunately, they fail. And ultimately, walk away from the house with molds. People can prevent this by hiring professionals and experts with certified experience teams. By taking the help of this company, people wouldn’t have to walk away from a house with molds. Instead, the molds will no longer be there. People find this method very economical when compared to the procurement of a new house.

Professional Mold Remediation Near Me Services: Major Advantages

As a result of mold growth, there can be serious consequences. In addition to causing property damage, it also increases the possibility of health issues for everyone living there. You should contact Professional Mold Remediation Near Me services and must begin the mold remediation immediately after mold is detected.

When there are signs of mustiness and mildew, professional mold remediation near me services should be contacted immediately to avoid further damage. In addition to replacing a sofa or carpet due to mold, it can also lead to health problems.

Let’s get into the discussion about why hiring professional services of mold removal should be your first choice. Have a look below!

Professional Mold remediation is good for your health

The health effects of mold exposure are quite serious. Cleaning services can help alleviate those effects. As remediation prevents exposure to potentially harmful bacteria and spores, it has many health benefits.

Treatments for remediation help keep sinus infections, skin infections, rashes, and pneumonia at bay. The list goes on and on with asthma, migraines, fevers, dizziness, wheezing, and coughing.

Professional Mold remediation near me staff can help you avoid all these problems. They will thoroughly clean all mold traces from your property. Many people learn about the negative effects of mold growth within their living spaces after already experiencing health issues caused by it.

Whenever  a property owner detects mold growth in a living property they should immediately seek the services of mold remediation specialists. Doing so will completely prevent further damage from being occurring.

How much does the process of mold remediation cost?

There are several costs involve in the full remediation process. The cost of mold remediation doesn’t end with the service itself; you have to pay for inspections and rebuilding after the mold has been removed.

You must call a mold specialist before you call a remediation service. A mold inspection professional will determine the extent of damage caused by mold infestations in the affected area and check other sites for undiscovered mold and the amount of airborne spores present.

Mold remediation teams can estimate the cost of eliminating mold after making an assessment. Costs will vary based on the severity of the infestation and the extent of the mold infestation. Also the area, and the method used to remove it.

Mold remediation costs include rebuilding areas that have been damaged by mold and have to be torn down and removed.

It is often necessary to tear down walls, remove insulation, rip up carpet, and sometimes even remove parts of the wood framing. A remediation service isn’t usually able to perform the rebuilding after the mold has been removed. They are only responsible for removing mold. Unless you are a contractor, you’ll need to hire one or do it yourself to rebuild the damaged sections of your home.

The companies you choose for various services and the extent of the damage that mold causes determine the cost of mold remediation. Mold can be yet caught quickly, so you will be able to keep all your costs down.

You can spend tens of thousands of dollars to fully remediate your home if you ignore the problem or don’t spot it until it’s too late.

The Benefits of Using Professionals

The remediation of mold by professionals stops its growth completely. Specialists will assess the affected area, locate the cause of the problem and recommend the best ways to eliminate it, first by removing any moldy growth and then by creating an environment that is unfavourable to mold growth.

Once the home or property is restored to its former glory, it promotes good health. The most common cause of mold growth is water damage. If this is the root cause of the problem in your home, specialists will seal leaky spots to prevent further occurrences. The moldy surfaces are usually dried and disinfected to eliminate the possibility of mold returning.

Specialists know how to use the proper procedures due to their professional training. Mold removal is a tedious process that requires high-quality equipment and tools. You can do a bit of research on all those reliable companies that give you all the mold removal services that fall within your requirements, proper needs, and budget.

Besides dealing with the mold, they also protect the residents from contamination caused by removing the mold. Mold removal can restore a healthy living environment. You can spend tens of thousands of dollars to fully remediate your home if you ignore the problem or don’t spot it until it’s too late.


A mold remediation service is affordable. Charges, in most cases, will be determined by the severity of the mold growth and its source. Mold removal services are offered by more and more professionals, allowing anyone to find effective services at a price they are comfortable with.

Mold Inspection and Removal Cost: Factors that affects the Cost of Remediation and Testing?

The simplest definition of mold is an organism, or fungus, that grows wherever there is oxygen and water. Mold in small amounts is not a problem, but excessive amounts are. Bad odors, health problems, and structural damage can result from mold. How much do mold inspection and removal cost? That depends on what kind of mold is present.

You can try some home remedies or the products that are available to remove mold if the affected area is not very large. Scrub the area with detergent and water to try and remove black mold yourself. Allow the area to dry. You should no longer see mold.

Crawl Space, Mold Inspection and Removal Cost:

You may need the assistance of a mold remediation and removal specialist if the area where the mold is located is quite large. Typically, crawl space mold removal costs between $500 and $4000. Just one wall might cost $3000.

It can cost up to $6000 to remove it in areas like basements and bathrooms. It is possible to incur costs of up to $30, 000 if there is damage to the structure or furniture. Generally, claim costs range from $30, 000 to $50, 000.

What is the approximate cost of mold removal and testing?

As long as the mold is clearly visible and identifiable, the service provider can provide a free quote, but if the mold is not visible, the first step is an inspection to find out where the mold is located.

The mold remediation cost can range from $80 to $150, provides the person with a comprehensive understanding of the affected areas, remediation, and restoration.

The next step is a sampling of air, where a sample or two is sent to a lab to be identified according to species and type to take the appropriate measures. Prices range from $150 to $300 for this procedure.

Other providers may charge up to $60 for each additional sample requested, while others don’t mind adding another sample for free to the list.

How much remediation process cost?

Depending on the amount of mold spread, there may be different levels of remediation that are required after testing for the mold. Each level of remediation comes with additional costs.

·         Level 1:

Level one remediation is deemed to be less than 10 square feet when the affected area is less than 10 square feet and may cost $30 to $60 based on the deposit of disposable materials used by the personnel and the cost of disinfectants used.

·         Level 2:

In this case, the extra cost may include replacing some components and even repairing the water system if needed.

·         Level 3:

Level 3 remediation pertains to areas between 30 and 100 square feet in size. The infected materials may also need to be replaced and higher containment measures.

·         Level 4:

A remediation stage of level 4 is above 100 square feet if the area is higher than that. In this case, it is important to inspect and replace all infected materials if necessary since the damage may be extensive.

It may be necessary to replace damaged materials at this level and the previous costs.

Testing and remediation costs for basement mold depend on the provider and the severity of the infestation, so checking out more than a few providers is a great way to determine the lowest possible cost.

What can be the approximate cost of hiring a specialist?

You will simply learn all that you need to know from any of the experienced or the competent inspector. Mold should be fully addressed on early basis. It is especially important to act immediately if you are told that black mold is becoming a greater threat.

Your family’s life and your own can be saved if you listen well to the inspector. Knowing that the mold remediation cost depends on the extent of contamination and the size of the affected area will help you prepare for the worst.

From $300 in smaller areas to a horrendous $30,000 for really big houses, the costs should range. Therefore, if you are living in a small house, you should be a lot grateful.

Whether you have a small mold problem or a large one, remediation companies are fully capable of handling it. Following the initial call, a specialist usually assesses the situation. A quote is generally provided at that point.

A thorough process of the mold inspection and mold testing will simply follow. After the inspection and testing are complete, the removal and remediation processes will follow. Eventually, the mold will be removed from your property.

Additional Costs for Mold Removal

There is other mold remediation near me costs besides these obvious ones. You may need to move out of your home in some cases because the mold situation is so difficult. As a result, you will have to pay for a hotel or apartment while your house is being treated for mold.

Mold is another major sign that you may have a worst plumbing issue in your house. Therefore, if you want the problem completely eradicated, you will need the services of a plumbing company. You will also have to pay to have the mold inspected and tested in labs, so you know how toxic it is.

There is no such need to be desperate, as however. A professional mold remediation company should offer reasonable rates for their services. Although mold removal may be costly, it is worth the investment if you and your family wish to live a disease-free life.


Even though sometimes high mold inspection and removal cost seems painful. However, it is a job that is best left to a professional if you have an infested home and cannot handle it on your own.

Keep your home and the family healthy by straight away getting rid of mold as soon as possible. Even if your finances are tight, even if you need to spend a few dollars, you should hire the best mold removal services for your home.

In an average-sized home, you can expect to pay between $500 and $30,000, depending on how bad your mold infestation is. You can expect around to pay between $500 and $4000 for the services of crawl space mold removal.

Indoor Air Quality Mold Test Kit: Why they are More Important than Ever?

Traditionally, an indoor air quality mold test kit has been considered an ‘extra step. It is considered extra for those who are extra careful and for those with illnesses. Finally, when the home is in obvious need of improvement (damaged by extreme weather, etc.).

Recent studies have linked chemical residues, bacteria, mold spores, dust mites, and other non-obvious pollutants to various health problems, fatigue syndromes, and other ailments. These substances are lurking in most homes and offices.

Why indoor air quality mold test kit is becoming so much important?

What makes this whole question to be so special? As we age, our bodies and the immune systems become less effective at the course of fighting with different germs.

We also become more reactive to particular pollutants over time, so we ‘notice’ them less frequently. Therefore, as we become more and more sensitive and have more ailments, it becomes increasingly important to check that your indoor air is not the cause of your complications. You should check your indoor air before someone diagnoses you with something that may or may not be true.

Prevent incurring costs associated with treatments, doctor visits, medications, and medications. An indoor air mold test kit again mold poisoning symptoms, a laser particle counter, or even an air purifier could have prevented it.

Be careful with the selection of indoor air quality mold testing kit

As a general rule, a more comprehensive air quality test mold kit is better than a simple one.

In this case, the broader test kit will identify many other types of organisms or pollutants that may be present. As a result, you will not be relying on a negative mold result when, for example, there was a presence of a VOC, and the problem was caused by it.

You can also use a handheld air monitor to see if particles or dust are emanating from your vents or if your air cleaner is working properly.

However, suppose you’re still experiencing allergic or asthmatic reactions, or chronic fatigue, even when there are very few particles in the air. It is likely a chemical in the air or some other matter that can be identified using a comprehensive test kit.

When you use air test kits, you eliminate the guesswork. Therefore, you get results quickly and aren’t wasting your time or money. A short lab result from an accredited lab is another attribute you should look for in your air quality test kit. The accuracy of the end result depends completely on it.

Basic Strategies to Follow for Removing Pollutants in Testing Process

It is important to conduct an indoor air quality test to identify pollutants indoors to be removed before causing any health problems. The following strategies can be used to get rid of indoor pollutants:

·         Source control:

To improve the quality of interior air, it is necessary to eliminate or reduce the sources of pollution. It is possible to reduce emissions by sealing asbestos sources or adjusting gas stoves. Source control provides the greatest level of protection.

·         Ventilation improvement:

You can reduce the amount of indoor pollutants by increasing the amount of outdoor air in a room.

Fresh air is not always available in all heating and cooling units. You can fully increase ventilation by opening windows, or by turning on window fans, or even by turning on your air conditioner with its vents fully extended.

Exhaust fans can often get installed for the areas of bathroom and kitchen to remove any sort of contaminants. These might be particularly important if you paint or strip paint, cook with kerosene, and use heaters, weld, or solder. You can save money by improving ventilation.

·         Air cleaners:

An air cleaner can be a cheap tabletop model or a costly whole-house system. Almost all air cleaners can remove particles; however, most do not remove gaseous pollutants.

By measuring the total number of pollutants removed from the side of interior air and how much air passes through the medium of filtering element, you can determine the overall efficiency of your cleaner. If the air circulation rate of a high-efficiency device is low, or vice versa, the device is not worthwhile.

To achieve good quality indoor air, these two functions must be balanced. Testing your air quality did you a great favor if poor air quality is found within your home. Mold in your home is toxic and contributes to poor air quality.

This test will prevent its  growth and further damage Avoiding the issue may result in the demolition of walls or worse.


If you have weather damage, leaks, or any other issues in your home or office, you should test the air at least once a year with a quality home air test kit. In this way, you can either feel at ease and know your air is fine or find out what’s been contributing to headaches, chronic fatigue, or even making you feel old.

If there are pollutants in the air, you should consider clearing it up with an air filter so you will live and feel your best every day and spend far less time and money in the doctor’s office.

What Can Mold In Your Home Do To Your Health

Molds are harmful agents inside the home that can have profound effects on our health. It may grow in damp and poorly ventilated areas of a home. There are various types of mold, each posing one or the other dangers to your health. Molds produce allergens such as irritants and toxic chemicals. Inhaling mold bacteria can aggravate the airways leading to different health issues including nasal congestion, coughing, wheezing, running nose, red eyes, throat irritation, asthma and skin irritation. These problems may be delayed or immediate. People living in damp and moist homes are also at increased risk of depression, increasing the risk of asthma and respiratory symptoms. There are various other health effects of molds, some are common while others are rare.

Getting rid of mold is not easy. It cannot be completely eliminated as the mold bacteria keep on spreading in the environment through the air. All molds need moisture and water to grow and thus, preventing moisture and water build-up is the best way to get rid of mold. Clean up the mold in your house and repair any water leaks.

Mold can impose various health issues on your health. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Respiratory disease:

Excessive exposure to molds can lead to major respiratory and breathing problems. The mold bacteria can get into your lungs, causing irritation in mucus membranes and leading to malfunction of the lungs. This can lead to chronic asthma or allery attack, coughing with blood and bronchitis.

  1. Gastrointestinal illness:

Apart from the lungs, molds can also infect the mucus membranes of the stomach. Mold infections can also lead to gastrointestinal problems, including nausea, vomiting or diarrhoea. This may also cause sudden lost in appetite and weight.

  1. Skin problems:

A mold bacterium that touches your skin may cause various skin problems like skin rashes, skin irritation, etc. The major signs of mold infection include red skin, itchiness, patches and irritation. Thus, you should make every effort to treat the mold the right way and avoid open sores to the skin.

  1. Toxic effects:

Excessive amount of mold bacteria when inhaled or ingested can be dangerous to your health. There are various types of mold. The greenish-black mold growing on wood, tiles and paper produce a large amount of mycotoxins, causing dangers to your health. Mold can also grow on food, especially the vegetables, cheese, breads, etc. that haven’t been consumed for days. Any food, with signs of molds growing, should be thrown with immediate effect. Any accidental eating of such food might lead into nausea, headache and in some cases, even diarrhoea and vomiting.

The best thing to prevent such dangers to your health is to keep your home mold free. As soon as you see the mold growing, clean it immediately so as to avoid any further spread of molds. It’s not just about maintaining the cleanliness of your home but for your family’s protection as well.

What Makes the Home a Great Place for Mold Growth?

It is often said that home is the best place for molds to grow. While the presence of mold is sometimes beneficial, it may turn out to be hazardous most of the times. Cleanliness is one of the major factors the lack of which leads to the growth of molds.

Places at Home That Are Likely to See Mold Growth – How to Avoid?

Kitchens, bathrooms, and areas outside homes are more prone to mold growth. So far as the kitchen is concerned, do not forget to empty garbage cans every day. Do not put old food frequently or for a long time in refrigerators. Remember turning on the exhaust fan while you cook in the kitchen.

If you notice, dotted molds in your bathroom, you must take care of the sink faucets and make sure they are working well. Ensure that the plumbing on and under the sink counters are sealed properly. You also need to make sure that your toilet bowl and bathtub have no leakage. There is no moisture allowed on the bathroom walls or around the bathtub. Like your kitchen, your bathroom’s exhaust fan must be running while you take a hot shower.

To avoid mold growth outside your home, ensure cleaning the gutters at regular intervals. Do not allow leaves to accumulate in your outer surrounding. There should be no leakage in faucets around exterior walls of your place.

Types of Mold Found in Homes

There are three types of molds that are found in homes. The first one is Aspergergillus. These are allergenic molds that you notice on food items as well as air conditioning machines.  The second one is the Cladosporium, which appear as black or green “pepper.” These are normally found on the back of toilets, and painted surfaces.

The third most commonly found molds are Stachybotrys, which are popularly called black molds. These are quite hazardous for health. However, the process of removing black molds is quite expensive but necessary.

How to Suspect Mold Growth at Home?

Molds don’t grow secretly. They indicate their presence in different ways, which property owners fail to identify most of the times. First of all, people living the mold-affected area suffer frequent allergies, including sore eyes, sneezing, nasal congestion, and others. Molds, if present in your home, will let you feel their presence through the odor they release.

The easiest and most reliable sign of mold growth is when a person sees it with his/her own eyes. Don’t ignore the signs if you seriously want to go for mold removal and make your home safe and healthy. You might also suffer from neurological issues, including headaches, lack of memory span, and dizziness because of the presence of toxic molds inside your house.

Some other signs of mold growth will include water leaks, past flooding, and condensation to name a few.

Though homes are the great places for mold growth, there are experts who deal with them efficiently. There are various mold removal professionals who not only helps homeowners to kill the molds but also make sure they remove them properly to avoid their regrowth. Hence, property owners are advised to get assistance from experts who will ensure there are no molds after the treatment.


5 Common Mold Myths: What You Believe May Not Be True

There is a huge difference between beliefs and facts. People often believe that the littlest of the information can provide them with enough knowledge on the subject, but they are so wrong in believing so! Unfortunately, one such area with various common myths is Molds!

Yes, we often find the growth of molds in our surroundings, in our property and always have an opinion on how to deal with them. But in reality, there have been a lot of misinformation and misconceptions about molds that can ruin property owners completely.

Hence, here is a list of common myths associated with Molds. Having a closer look at each of them can assist property owners in deciding if and when they seriously need to focus on Mold removal:

Common Mold Myth 1: All Molds are Harmful

If you belong to the category of people who believe that all molds are harmful, you must know the fact. Not all molds are dangerous or hazardous to health. In fact, you might have consumed blue cheese or penicillin, which is made from molds.

Moreover, mold spores are an important part of the natural environment. These are present almost everywhere in the surrounding. It is tough to remove mold spores completely from your home or property. However, these are not dangerous until molds reach a concentration level that is considerably large and visible.

Common Mold Myth 2: Black Molds, Dead Molds Are Not Dangerous

If you believe this myth, don’t do that. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has confirmed that black molds cause allergic reactions and also enhances the risks for infections. In fact, black molds are a cause of several other health issues.

Similarly, dead molds are also harmful. Once the molds are dormant, people believe they won’t regrow. However, it is not the right fact. Molds are inactive until they get favorable conditions to grow again. As soon as they are in the right growing environment, dead molds start releasing spores.

Common Mold Myth 3: Bleach Can Kill Molds

Yes, bleach can kill molds but not always. You might feel that your bleach activity is killing molds but the fact is that most of the bleach products merely decolorizes them and do not kill them. In addition, it is recommended not to use such products on porous and semi-porous surfaces made with wood, ceiling tile, and carpet.

In such surfaces, mold roots might come in contact with the cleaning retail product and increase the chances of the return of those molds. Hence, the mold removal experts should be consulted rather than using your own mold removal strategies.

Common Mold Myth 4: Mold Shouldn’t Be There Inside

As already discussed above, not all molds are hazardous to health. The mold spores those are present in the atmosphere helps in breathing. Thus, having molds inside is quite helpful for the easy respiration process.

Common Mold Myth 5: Killing Mold Is Enough

Not at all! Only killing mold is not enough. As a property owner, you must ensure proper removal of molds after they receive kill treatment. It has already been mentioned above that molds regrow as soon as they are exposed to favorable conditions for growth. Hence, you can only be assured of a harmful mold-free environment when the hazardous molds are completely removed.



Does your home need mold treatment?

Mold in simplistic term is a threat to your happy household. Scientifically, it is a fungus growing in multicellular filaments known as hyphae. And what’s wrong with that? Why should you be afraid? Well, mold is hazardous to your health and at its most destructive form has the power to bring down a building, your home. Therefore, mold treatment is something every home needs, requires.

That small dark patch of mold at a damp corner in your home could give your children chronic lung diseases upon constant long-term exposure. As a result of mold exposure, your pets can fall sick, elderly people severely sill and cause severe allergies to all. Having mold in your home is therefore certainly not an option! However, mold spores are present everywhere, in the outdoors and indoors, and it is not scientifically possible to eradicate every last spore. But the amount indoor mold spores can be brought down to a level that is not harmful in any way. And that basically is what mold treatment is all about.

If you have damp humid corners at your home, or it is that time of the year when heavy rain and humid weather hits your town, your home is more likely to be susceptible to molds. When discovering mold, many people try to scrape it off by themselves that is dangerous to your health and your home. The right thing to do is always to call a professional for mold treatment.

What to do when you find mold in your home

  1. Try to locate all mold patches: If you see one mold patch then there’s a chance there are more. If it’s a rather small one and just a single mold patch, you can clean it with soap or authorized material and take precautions to not cause more mold outbursts. However, in case then you have several patches or a big patch of mold, stay away and call mold inspection professionals. A good way to locate mold is to look for water leakage source.
  2. Get ready for a thorough mold inspection: you could have been living with hidden mold since a long time. So, if you have finally spotted some it is time to run a professional mold inspection and find all the sources and hidden molds. Prolonged exposure to mold can be almost close to fatal. Also, professional mold inspectors will come up with a scientific and effective way to treat mold in your household.
  3. Try to control the moisture source: As long as there’s water and humidity, chances of more mold formation will be there. So, locating a water leakages or moisture source should be your primary concern. If you can’t manage to fully control the moisture source, then at least try close all water supply till professionals can do it for you. Also, remember to stay out of mold infected area and keep your family members away as well. Severe allergies to many other hazardous effects will appear upon constant exposure to mold.If you think you have a mold problem, please call Five Boro Mold Specialist for more information on our NYC mold inspection services.schedule-NYC-mold-Inspection

DIY mold removal or hire a professional?

DIY anything sounds so good and looks like it would save you lot of money, doesn’t it? In case of general mold that is present in a small amount, DIY mold removal is ideal. However, in case of severe mold it is quite not the right solution.

Let’s see how and when you can use DIY mold removal techniques:

When you have a less than 10 sq.ft big mold that is non-toxic kind, you can proceed to take care of it on your own. Soap, elbow grease and water can help you get rid of regular non-toxic mold that isn’t yet spread wide enough. If the mold is stubborn, make a solution of 1:9 bleach to water and spray it in the mold area to wipe after a while.

But, this can be a tedious sport. You’d sure have better things to do than go looking for spores and moisture issues and trying to fix it all. Therefore, prevention is needed. Condensation can foster mold growth, so always open a window or run your bathroom fan after hot shower. Make sure to dry tiles surrounding the used sink including the sink itself after washing dishes or using water. Your basement is one of the most mold prone areas in your household, so remember to periodically dry and clean them. Here are some of the major causes of mold in household:

  • Bathrooms that have poor ventilation, tile grout lines and shower ceilings especially.
  • Mudroom sinks and kitchen area
  • Thresholds of exterior doors
  • Sump pumps and basement near hot water heaters

 Professional mold removal services

When you have mold larger than 10 sq. ft, you need a professionals to handle it. Black mold is one of the most commonly toxic mold in household. How to tell if you can get rid of mold yourself or need a professional? It’s not that hard!

Mold is not something pleasant or something you want to foster in your home. The image of reproducing spores on walls, counters and wood trim makes you cringe. But, that’s not all. Mold can actually be very harmful to you health as well, and not just because of allergies, it causes chronic lung issues overtime as well. And when the mold is a big one, you have musty smell and unpleasant air in your home, you need professional mold removal services!

You can either hire specialists or a mold removal company to take care of mold. When you hire a mold remediation services from a company you have more exerts that can solve your mold problem, you also get better quality of work and immediate remediation services, that usually takes a team to perform. In case of severe mold infestation, hiring remediation services from a company rather than a specialist comes quite beneficial.

However, certain states compulsorily require hiring of different company/specialist for inspection and different for remediation, in some, it is your choice. Make sure you are hiring certified, insured and credible professional mold removal services above anything else.

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